Computer & Electronics Recycling in Saint Croix County, Wisconsin

201 Packer Drive

Roberts, WI 54023

Phone: (651) 303-9232

901 North Knowles Avenue

New Richmond, WI 54017

Phone: (715) 246-4441

1428 100th Street

New Richmond, WI 54017

Phone: (715) 246-3595

900 Industrial Street

Hudson, WI 54016

Phone: (715) 381-5900

1925 Ridgeway Street

Hammond, WI 54015

Phone: (715) 796-7000

Locations and Contact Info of Recycling Centers

Cities in Saint Croix County: Baldwin, Cady, Cylon, Deer Park, Eau Galle, Emerald, Erin Prairie, Forest, Glenwood City, Glenwood, Hammond, Hudson, Kinnickinnic, New Richmond, North Hudson, Pleasant Valley, Richmond, River Falls, Roberts, Rush River, Somerset, Springfield, St. Joseph, Stanton, Star Prairie, Troy, Warren, Wilson, Woodville