How You Can Support Wisconsin Computer Recycling Directory

Computer Recycling WI The Wisconsin Computer Recycling website is a public service website created and maintained by Computer Lifeline, an IT service company in Minneapolis. We have no business affiliations with any of the companies or organizations listed on this website, and do not charge companies to be listed. This computer and electronics recycling directory for Wisconsin was created following the overwhelmingly positive response to our Minnesota Computer Recycling website. In the future, we plan to create additional computer recycling websites for additional states. Our goal is to help consumers and businesses find proper recycling alternatives to disposing of computers and other electronic equipment out of landfills. Protecting our environment and encouraging recycling of these items to recover valuable materials is important.

Creating and maintaining any website results in some costs, of course. We never charge companies and organizations for free directory listings, and we don’t fund our website with advertising revenues. Visitors to our website and businesses listed on it often ask us how they can help keep the website up-to-date and expanding. We’re always happy to accept donations, in any amount, and use all donated funds only for hosting, maintenance and expansion of computer and electronics recycling websites in other states. Donors can contribute to this website on PayPal, using any major credit or debit card, without signing up PayPal. Just Click on the “Donate Now” button on the left to make a non-tax-deductible donation in any amount. Or send your donation directly via PayPal to:

How Your Business Can Sponsor Wisconsin Computer Recycling

Computer Disposal WI The Wisconsin Computer Recycling website never charges any recycling company or organization for a listing on our free directory If your business or organization is not already listed or you have updated information, please contact us at any time, and we will add your information. This website is operated as a free public service. We do appreciate donations from businesses and organizations that recycle computers and electronic equipment. We use those donations to help us cover the cost of hosting, maintenance, and to expand into new states. All donations are used only for those purposes. To recognize those businesses who choose to support our website with reasonable donations, we are happy to do the following:

Disclaimer: Making a donation to Computer Lifeline Corporation does not create a business relationship between Computer Lifeline Corporation and the donor. Computer Lifeline Corporation is not a non-profit organization and donations are not tax-deductible. A donation made by a recycling company does not guarantee a listing of the company at this web site and does not guarantee a listing for a certain period of time. Computer Lifeline Corporation has the sole discretion on whether, when and how to list businesses at this web site. Computer Lifeline Corporation reserves the right to add or change any listings to this web site at anytime and remove any listings from this web site at anytime without any obligations to any person or business or organization.