Computer and E-Waste Recycling and Disposal Information for Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, like in every other state, environmental concerns are a high priority. To protect the environment, the state has strict laws prohibiting disposal of computers, electronics equipment and other technological waste in landfills. This helps prevent environmental damage from hazardous materials and recovers valuable resources for reuse through carefully designed recycling efforts. Wisconsinites participate in a wide range of recycling efforts because they care deeply about natural resources and want to keep the state beautiful and clean for future generations. You’ll find valuable information about recycling today’s technology at the links below. Working together, we can all benefit from that knowledge and take advantage of the recycling resources found on this website.

Recycling Computers and Other E-Waste Is Easy and Economical

We’re pleased to offer this website to help consumers and businesses in Wisconsin find the resources they need to properly recycle the full range of computer and electronic technological waste. By using our maps and directories, you’ll be able to find companies and other facilities near you to handle your unwanted equipment. We hope you’ll share a link to this website with others. We created this site as a public service, and do not profit in any way from it. We have no business relationship with any of the companies or organizations listed here.