About Wisconsin Computer Recycling

Computer Electronics Disposal Like most states, Wisconsin prohibits consumers and businesses from disposing of computers and other electronic equipment as trash. The reasons for this prohibition are simple: computers, CRT, plasma and LCD television sets, laser or inkjet printers, tablets, iPhones and other electronic equipment contain some materials that can damage the environment. If discarded in landfills, those materials, including lead and other metals, can leach into groundwater. To protect the environment, computers and other electronic equipment should be properly recycled, so that valuable materials are recovered and environmental damage is prevented. While the Wisconsin Environmental Protection Agency provides a website listing approved recycling businesses and organization, that website can be difficult to find and lacks useful features such as interactive maps that make it easy for consumers to find the computer and electronics drop-off sites.

In 2013, Computer Lifeline, a Minneapolis-based IT service company, created this public service website. It is designed to make finding computer and electronics recycling services easy for everyone in Wisconsin. This website and Computer Lifeline are not affiliated with any recycling company or organization and do not charge any company or organization to be listed. The free directory website is designed to make information about computer recycling easy to access and to allow consumers and businesses to find these high-tech recycling services quickly and easily, anywhere in Wisconsin. Since the website was launched, tens of thousands of Wisconsin residents have accessed this site and have found the resources they need.

How Our Wisconsin Computer Recycling Website Works

Wisconsin Electronics Computer Disposal Recycling We’d like to thank you for visiting our website. By using its interactive map features and county and city-based listings, you’ll find recycling services for computers and other electronic equipment. Some of these services are free, while others charge nominal fees for their recycling services. Each listing contains contact telephone numbers and addresses, and website links are also offered when available. Wherever you are located in Wisconsin, you’ll be able to find the services you need close to you.

The information on Wisconsin Computer Recycling comes from a variety of sources, including the businesses and organizations listed. We try to keep all information up-to-date, but all listings are subject to change. We strongly recommend that you contact individual recycling businesses and organizations for their hours and any fees they may charge for their services. Computer Lifeline is not a computer or electronics recycler. We have put all the information we have in the listings on this website. Please contact the individual company or organization for further information.

How You Can Support Wisconsin Computer Recycling

Computer Lifeline does not charge any recycling company or organization to be listed on the Wisconsin Computer Recycling website. We have no business affiliations with any recycling company or organization. This website is presented solely as a public service to help Wisconsin residents and businesses properly dispose of their electronics equipment. We do accept donations from consumers and others the help us keep this website online and its information current. All donated funds are used only for those purposes. If you would like to donate in any amount, please click on the “Donate Now” button on the left.